Internet Curation 1.16.12: Downton Abbey Mania

Masterpiece Theatre’s excellent Downton Abbey is back! I’m so excited that the rest of America loves the genre I like to call “British people talking.” In case you are already in withdrawal after last night’s episode, or even if you already binged on the entire Season 2 online, here are some links to tide you over.

Downton Abbey cast

Design*Sponge has added Downton to their “Living In…” series. I like the gilded mirror and those high heeled oxfords.

Vogue’s interview of the Crawley sisters features some gorgeous dresses, naturally. I do love all the elegant long skirts in the show.

– Doctor of celebrity gossip (no, really!) Anne Helen Peterson discusses why everyone loves a good costume drama.

– (Edit: I found this gem after my initial posting.) Historians at my favorite American country house explain differences in comfort and technology between estates in England and the U.S. As per Lady Crawley: “I’m American, I don’t share your English hatred of comfort.”

– Publishers hope to cash in on Downton mania with books featuring real stories of life in English country houses.

– Similarly, real estate prices for historic British mansions are enjoying a bump. Happily, Highclere Castle in Berkshire was saved from disrepair when Downton started filming there.

– Oh snapBrideshead Revisited‘s Castle Howard is still the more beloved estate, though.

– The Dowager Countess would surely disapprove of the language and topic of How to Get Drunk Like Lady Grantham, but I bet she would still regale its LadyNerd author with stories of the ratafia brandy punch during her debut season.

– And finally, Tumblr sensation DowntonAbbeyonce proves my theory that the only thing better than English People Talking is English People Posing to R&B lyrics.